About Us

We are Defendable — and here to defend you.

Our Mission

At Defendable we have made it our mission to help make you and your company just that: defendable. Defendable against the ever-growing onset of threats to our digital lives and businesses from cybercriminals and spies. 

Perfect security is not attainable — becoming defendable is. This is so fundamental to how we approach cybersecurity that we even named our company accordingly.


Our Ambition

Our ambition is to be an end-to-end cybersecurity partner for our customers, from the operational to the strategic level. We believe that the way forward is combining strategy, governance and operations more strongly than before, which is exactly what we offer to help you achieve.


Our Approach

To us becoming defendable means:

» Attaining the necessary understanding of your critical assets, how vulnerable and exposed they are, and how they may be attacked and compromised.

» Building a holistic cybersecurity strategy and governance structure, so that the entire organization knows and supports your approach to managing cyber risk.

» Implementing good preventive security controls across the human, organizational and technological domains.

» Achieving thorough operational insight through advanced security monitoring and security testing, hence providing hard facts and control to your risk management.

» Ensuring sufficient emergency preparedness through planning, training and exercises, hence enabling you to respond effectively to a major cyber attack.


Our Services

We have built our company to help you through all the stages of becoming defendable:

» Our Advisory & Consultancy Team will help you identify your assets, vulnerabilities and threats, which enables you to assess what is acceptable risk and implement the right security posture for your business.

» Our Security Testing Team will help you uncover your critical vulnerabilities before the criminals find and exploit them.

» Our Security Operations Center will provide you with 24/7 real-time security monitoring of your digital infrastructure to protect your business from cyber attacks.

» Our Incident Response Team will provide you with technical, tactical and strategic guidance and support when you are under a cyber attack.


Our People

We are a group of cybersecurity professionals with background and valuable experience from some of Norway's largest private companies, consultancy firms and the Norwegian intelligence and security services.

We pride ourselves in building a diverse and inclusive company that draws on the different perspectives of each employee's background. Common for all of us is that we have a burning passion for security, and for building a more secure digital society.


Our History

Defendable’s birth and initial growth came about within the BDO network. From 2016, BDO Cybersecurity was both part of BDO Norway’s Risk Advisory Services and of BDO’s Global Cybersecurity Leadership Team (consisting of the eight most mature cybersecurity member firms). In November 2020, BDO Cybersecurity was divested from BDO Norway, whereupon new investors came onboard and the name changed to Defendable AS.

Through a formal cooperative agreement, Defendable’s cybersecurity services continue to be a vital part of BDO’s operational security service line-up towards its existing and potential new clients.