This summer, Defendable completed a half year long process of acquiring the highly regarded Eco-lighthouse certification. We are happy to announce that on October 24th we received our first Eco-lighthouse diploma, a testimony of our efforts for the environment, along with approximately 70 other dedicated companies. As an approved Eco-lighthouse enterprise, we have taken the first essential steps on the journey to a more sustainable future, conducive to several of the UN's sustainability goals. We take with us new knowledge and motivation from the certification process into our future work to improve our environmental footprint, and going forward we will continue to work on achieving greener purchases, less waste, and a better working environment.

We recommend everyone to take part in this journey to lessen our environmental footprint and together work towards a more sustainable future.


Eco-lighthouse is a recognized and effective tool for eco-certification and environmental management and is the most widely used certification scheme in Norway for enterprises seeking to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility. For more information see