Your Career with Defendable AS

Defendable is all about our people! We are always looking for new members to join our cyberteam of highly motivated and capable individuals. Sounds interesting?

Who are we?

Defendable is a fast-growing cybersecurity company. Our ambition is to be an end-to-end security partner for our clients. We believe the key to good security lies in the ability to translate operational insight into strategic advice.

Internally, we refer to this as having

              "a strategic head and an operational heart."

Our goal is to enable both the people, processes and technology of our clients to withstand the ever-escalating cyber threats. Our stated mission is to help make our clients more defendable against cyber attacks - hence the name Defendable.

Why join Defendable?

Security is a serious matter – but we still have fun at work!

We aim to build a stimulating and inspiring workplace, and we strive to create a work environment that make all our collegues feel welcome and appreciated.

We seek to be the best at what we do. We want to learn, develop and improve as individuals and as a team. We want to be known for our knowledge, our professionalism and our ability to deliver excellence and quality to our clients. We want to lead the way!

To achieve this we need to cooperate and take responsibility at every level of the company. Leadership is not only for managers. We have people fresh out of school leading the way through ambition, vision and grit. We don’t believe in micro-managing people. We believe in initiative, ownership and pride in our work. We believe that when aspiering people do the things they love, excellence is achieved!


In short, we can offer you:

  • An exciting and varied position in a strong professional environment.
  • A challenging and interesting working environment, characterized by        continuous learning.
  • The opportunity to work in a company in rapid growth, with great ambition to "become the best".
  • A key role in building and influencing the further development of our line of    services.
  • A highly competitive compensation package.
  • A uniqe opportunities to devlope professionally and personally.
  • A professional - yet informal and social - work environment, with colleagues who care about each other and their clients.


If this sounds like something for you - come join us on our exiting cyberjourney!


Check out our Instagram and LinkedIn profiles to meet some of your future colleagues:


We are always looking for new talent, both seasoned and young. There are currently no vacancies, but we accept open applications. See "Our Services" for more information on our areas of expertise. 

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