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Incident Response
Defendable’s Incident Response Team (IRT) will help you organize and coordinate your response during a cyber attack against you and your business.
If you need assistance, please call our Cyber Defense Center at +47 91 80 80 30.
Managed Detection and Response
Defendable’s MDR service consists of a data collection and analysis platform and an operational cybersecurity team that monitors security events and alarms for our customers around the clock, ensuring that suspicious activity is detected and handled as early as possible.
Advisory and Consulting
Our advisory and consultant team works closely with our operational services. Together we create an environment where our qualitative analysis, assessments and recommendations are supported by quantitative data and insight. 
Security Testing
Using the same updated tools and methods that cyber criminals use, Defendable’s team of ‘ethical hackers’ can simulate cyber-attacks to uncover any vulnerabilities that expose your organization to unnecessary risk.