Security Monitoring

Operational insight into what goes on within your IT estate is crucial to control your cyber risk.

Managed Detection and Response

The threat of cyber attacks is becoming an increasingly pressing challenge for all types of organizations everywhere. As demonstrated in numerous cases, compromise of IT systems and information assets can result in severe financial and reputational damage for the targeted organizations through operational downtime or loss of sensitive information.

With Defendable’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service your organization will receive:

» 24/7 identification and alerting of unwanted activity in your IT environment

» 24/7 access to the expertise of one of Norway’s leading Incident Response teams

» Periodic reports, threat intelligence and expert advice, strengthening your understanding of the threat landscape facing your organization

» A security solution tailored to your organization’s needs, IT infrastructure and risk profile

Defendable’s MDR service consists of a data collection and analysis platform and an operational cybersecurity team that monitors security events and alarms for our customers around the clock, ensuring that suspicious activity is detected and handled as early as possible.

We make sure that the alarms are carefully analyzed and assessed to provide you with relevant insight and recommendations. Through close communication and periodic reporting, we aspire to help you and your company to improve and strengthen your security posture — hence, becoming more defendable over time.

Government Approval

Defendable satisfies the quality requirements for Incident Response Services set out by the Norwegian National Security Agency (NSMs kvalitetsordning for hendelseshåndtering) and is proud to hold a permanent seat in Norway’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC).

NSM Kvalitetsordning - Anbefalt for hendelseshåndtering